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The law needs to be applied to everyone equally. Filing at the Prothonotary's office should be simple and streamlined. That's what we are going to do.


As a survivor who never received justice, I will help everyone get a fair day in court. But, how can this happen when we don't even understand the language? Do working families who can't afford lawyers not deserve justice? My objective is to find methods to make the Protho work for everyone. You know money and power has an advantage. That isn't right.


By digitizing and updating our antiquated filing system, we will save the county hundreds of thousands of dollars. I secured a deal with a company owned by a former Department of Justice official to allow York Countians to file paperwork, legally, without an attorney.


The new Prothonotary needs deep management experience. I have been a small business owner and entrepreneur for decades. I have run teams from York County to New York City. I solve complicated technoloy problems for NextGeneration 911 enhancements that will prosecute criminals, expedite response times, and protect first responders.

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