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My name is Adam David Jones. I am a violence survivor and a small business owner. Since being attacked in Harrisburg, I have dedicated my life to preventing violence and helping others navigate the judicial system so they get their fair shake at justice. The man who attacked me was acquitted by a jury though caught covered in my blood with my money in his pocket. 

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My Story

I was born in Hanover, Pennsylvania. I grew up on West Hanover Street and then Irishtown in New Oxford. I attended West Hanover Street Elementary, St. Joe's, Sacred Heart, and Delone before I moved to Dover to live with my dad. My secondary school was completed in Northern York Co. 

After two years at Gettysburg HACC, I was accepted to New York University where I graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2004.

I was a working actor, theater teacher, and producer of Off-Off Broadway theater in New York. I returned to Hanover in 2008 to work at Eichelberger Center teaching acting to children before the 2008 financial crisis. In 2010, I moved to New York and was then contracted in California to perform at the Mendocino Theater Company. In 2014, my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Being my best friend, I could not allow him to die alone in a nursing home, so I finished my last contract and returned to Hanover to be his full-time caretaker.


I was committed to his love and care until he drew his last breath beside me at 5:30 am February 7, 2016. Over the next several weeks, I prepared his estate, ensured my grandmother would not want, and packed for California.

A few weeks later, I helped a good friend organize a voter registration event in Harrisburg on Holy Saturday. In the early hours of Easter Sunday, I was brutally attacked and my life changed. I now dedicate my professional work to helping others receive the justice I never did.

The company I started, Zeer, has signed contracts with the US Air Force, been through six international and local accelerators, including Ben Franklin Technology Partners, and collaborated with world-class people across the globe.


I am running for office so everyone can receive justice under the law. 

Prothonotary is a long word, but I will make it accessible to everyone who walks through our doors. This job is necessary to ensure justice in protection from abuse cases, family court conflicts, and civil lawsuits. It is the Judicial county office most of us will ever interact with. My decades of leadership, passion for civil justice, and experience as a business owner make me particularly suited for this office. I will run it smoothly, enhance customer service, and cut costs to the taxpayers of York County.

Thank you,


I'm always looking for people who want to build a better future.

Text or call: 717-850-3141

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