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A 30 year old man with longish hard and a big smile

Transparency, Efficiency, Experience

Social Impact Entrepreneur, advocate, and small business owner



Zeer is a York County based global technology startup that revolutionizes safety and security by using smartphones.

Zeer interprets danger is near steers people away from violence. If a violent crime does happen, Zeer autonomously calls 911 sharing situational awareness of video, location, and health information with first responders.

Zeer saves all data to the cloud to prosecute violent criminals.


Survivor Advocate

After being the victim of violent crime, Adam has dedicated his life to protecting the rights of both survivors and the accused.

He has learned from incredible women in this space, including Jennifer Thompson (Healing Justice Project) and Anne Seymour. Anne has been advocating for victims for 30+ years and has worked with multiple administrations.
Adam follows their example to build a better, safer United States.


Farmer Advocate

Through organizing the Pennsylvania Hemp Festival from 2009-2011, Adam brought attention to the fact that hemp farming posed no risk to the public. In fact, legal, state-sanctioned hemp growing reduces the probability of illegal marijuana growing. Adam has no problems with adults consuming marijuana. But, the fallacy that Pennsylvania Farmers growing hemp would jeopardize public health is disputed by plant science and the history of York and Lancaster County. More hemp was grown here than anywhere else in the Western Hemisphere before misguided federal legislation. 


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